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(Delhi State Committee)
by Congress South Indian Forum

Mr. Oscar Fernandez, AICC General Secretary Flag off RAJIV JYOTHI-2010 at Veer Bhoomi, New Delhi, a Deepa Shika Rally from Veer Bhoomi to India Gate, organised by Congress South Indian Forum (Delhi State Committee) on the 19 th Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister of India on 21 st May 2010.


Delhi State President of Congress South Indian Forum, Mr. Rajeev Joseph, the Captain of Deepa Shika Rally receiving the flag from Mr. Oscar Fernandez, AICC General Secretary on the occasion of the inauguration of RAJIV JYOTHI 2010 at Veer Bhoomi, on 21st May 2010, the martyrdom day of Rajiv Gandhi, the architect of modern India.


Mr. Birender Singh, AICC General Secretary Flag off RAJIV JYOTHI-2011 at Veer Bhoomi, New Delhi, the 2nd Deepa Shika Rally in memory of Rajiv Gandhi from Veer Bhoomi to India Gate, organised by Congress South Indian Forum on the 20th Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi on 21st May 2011 in the presence a galaxy of congress leaders.


Mr. Motilal Vohra MP, the AICC Treasurer pays respectful tribute to Rajiv Gandhi before RAJIV JYOTHI-2011 on the arrival of Deepa Shika Rally at AICC Headquarters, 24 Akbar Road, New Delhi.


Mr. Jayaprakash Agarwal MP, the President of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee pays respectful homage to Rajiv Gandhi before RAJIV JYOTHI-2011 on the arrival of Deepa Shika Rally at Rajiv Bhavan, D.D Marg, New Delhi.


DPCC President Mr. Jayaprakash Agarwal MP, Mr. Ramesh Kumar MP and other DPCC office bearers pay respectful homage by lighting at RAJIV JYOTHI-2010 on the arrival of Deepa Shika Rally at Rajiv Bhavan, D.D Marg, New Delhi.


The National General Secretary of Indian Youth Congress, Mr. Vikas Upadhyaya and State President of Delhi Pradesh Youth Congress, Mr. Ch. Anil Kumar, MLA pay respectful homage to Rajiv Gandhi by lighting at RAJIV JYOTHI-2011 on the arrival of Deepa Shika Rally at the headquarters of Indian Youth Congress, 5 Raisina Road, New Delhi.


WINGS OF IMAGINATION: Sreenivaspuri in Delhi is witnessing the blossoming of the creativities of thousands of child prodigies on canvas illustrating the events, personalities and memories of freedom struggle related to the history of Indian National Congress...A saga of Indian History...! This memorable and colourful mega event was organised by Congress South Indian Forum (Delhi State Committee) as a part of 125 year celebration of Indian National Congress on 30th January 2011.


Mrs. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi is inaugurating Rajiv Gandhi International Online Painting Contest on Environment at her official residence on 5th June 2010, the World Environment Day. More than 400 participants from 14 countries took part in the 60 days long competition organised by Congress South Indian Forum (Delhi State Committee) through Facebook.


AICC General Secretary Mr.Tom Vadakkan and NSUI President Mr. Hibi Eaden jointly inaugurate Onam Celebrations-2010 lighting traditional lamp at Sreenivaspuri, Delhi. Congress South Indian Forum organised the celebrations and a number of prominent congress leaders including AICC General Secretary Mr. Oscar Fernandez, Mr. Ramesh Kumar MP, Mr. Tarwander Singh Marwah MLA and Chandy Oommen attended the function and Onam Fellowship Meal.


Rajeev Joseph, State President of Congress south Indian Forum (Delhi State Committee) organised a grand felicitation function for Mr. Hibi Eden, the youngest MLA in Kerala Assembly and National President of NSUI at Kerala House, New Delhi. Minister of State for Power Mr. K.C Venugopal was the chief guest.


Congress South Indian Forum extends warm welcome to Mrs. Shanimol Usman on her appointment as AICC Secretary at Kerala House on her arrival to take charge at AICC office.


Rajeev Joseph and the state leaders of ‘Congress South Indian Forum’ organised a grand reception at Taj Hotel, New Delhi for FOKANA and Indian Overseas Congress leaders from United States of America and Saudi Arabia arrived for participating in Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2011 at New Delhi on 9th January 2011


On ‘World Environment Day 2011’, Rajeev Joseph launched ‘A Billion Tree Campaign’ by Congress South Indian Forum (Delhi State Committee) and distributed plants in different parts of Delhi to create awareness about the protection of plants to fight climate change and global warming. He is heralding the task of establishing a nursery at Srinivaspuri, New Delhi to prepare saplings for free distribution.

RAJIV JYOTHI 2011- A Deepa Shikha Rally in memory of Rajiv Gandhi from ‘Veer Bhoomi to India Gate’ flagged off by AICC General Secretary Mr. Birender Singh, MP on 21st May 2011, organised by Congress South Indian Forum (Delhi State Committee).
(Delhi State Committee)
Congress South Indian Forum is functioning as a political platform of Congress supporters and workers from South Indian states residing in Delhi. At present, more than 2.5 million people from the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicherry and Andhra Pradesh have made Delhi as their permanent residence. Apart from its political interventions, Congress South Indian Forum is on the fore front to unite all South Indians residing in Delhi in the developmental initiatives for national integrity and economic prosperity. So far, Congress South Indian Forum has organised a number of cultural, environmental and empowerment programmes involving leaders from various walks of life and the active participation of general public.

Since its inception in April 2010, Congress South Indian Forum has organised a number of programs to sensitize the people in Delhi on various issues. Rajiv Jyothi Deep Shika Rally, Painting Competition on the History of Congress, Online Painting Competition on Environment, A Billion Tree Campaign are a few to mention. Congress South Indian Forum intervenes in various problems facing the South Indians in Delhi. But it is a credit for the Congress South Indian Forum to get the remarkable support from people belonging to all regions and all walks of life in Delhi in the implementation of innovative and developmental activities.

At present, Congress South Indian Forum has undertaken the herculean task of adding the maximum number of South Indians in the voters list of Delhi to ensure their voting rights. For the above purpose South Indian congress volunteers campaign in different areas and collect the details and help the people to get added their names to the voters list.

Even though 2.5 million South Indians are residing in Delhi, they have no representatives in either MCD or Delhi Legislative Assembly. Congress South Indian Forum is intensely campaigning to get an adequate representation in the distribution of congress party tickets in the election for the above bodies in 2012 and 2013 respectively. It is pertinent to note that South Indian’s contribution to the development of Delhi is remarkable. At present a considerable number of South Indians are a part of administrative, education, health and hospitality sectors in Delhi both at central and state level. Most of media personalities in Delhi are from South India. IT field also have the abundance of South Indian technocrats. In short, South Indian’s presence is visible everywhere expect in the legislative bodies. An adequate representation is imminent in legislative bodies and Congress South Indian Forum is acting as a mediating group to allot congress party tickets for South Indians as per their population intensity. It is a fact that South Indians have a dominant presence in the constituencies where congress party candidates have won in either 272 member MCD or 70 member Delhi Legislative Assembly.

Congress South Indian Forum have played a decisive role in formulating a substantial number of young congress leaders from the youths who have reached in Delhi for a sustainable living engaging in the jobs they are destined. But, various popular activities conducted by Congress South Indian Forum participating National leaders created a grooming base for thousands of youths to get an exposure and develop their calibre to contribute potentially to the society along with enhancement in their career and social acceptability. Congress South Indian Forum opened innumerable opportunities for the school and college students in Delhi to participate in competitions and activities of international standards and know more about environment, India and its rich heritage, national leaders of eminence, congress party and its more than a century old rich heredity. It is a feather in the cap of Congress South Indian Forum that it was instrumental to create political consciousness and a leaning towards congress party among lakhs of children from South Indian communities born and brought up in Delhi and have no political inheritance to claim for. In Delhi, a number of cultural and religious organisations patronised by South Indian communities draw children towards their folds but they have no role to instil a sense of national integration and awakening social consciousness. This vacuum is filled by Congress South Indian Forum and it plays indomitable role to groom the South Indian children born and brought up in Delhi not only for the political leadership but for being sensitive human beings with a concern for the society and respect for the ideals enshrined in the Constitution of India and active participation in the democratic process of selecting best leaders for the nation. Congress South Indian Forum conducts its activities for children and youths reminding, upholding and safeguarding the 125 years rich political heritage of the congress party and moulding them to be the warriors of congress party without falling victims to unfeasible, adherent and fanatic political dogmas spearheaded by political parties with vested, repressive and totalitarian interests.

In memory of visionary former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi, Congress South Indian Forum conducted ‘Rajiv Jyothi Deepshika Rallies’ on 21st May, the martyrdom day in 2010 and 2011. Due to security reasons and inconvenience to reach the main venues of Vir Bhoomi, AICC, DPCC and IYC offices, lakhs of congress workers, supporters and people with regard for Rajiv Gandhi were deprived of paying public tribute to Rajiv Gandhi. For a facilitation to mass tribute, Congress South Indian Forum started ‘Rajiv Jyothi’ from Veer Bhoomi and moved around Delhi and paved way for millions of people in Delhi to pay floral tribute to Rajiv Gandhi at Rajiv Jyothi. This innovative and people oriented program ensured the participation of hundreds of congress leaders and was applauded by senior congress leaders. Congress South Indian Forum sees it as a credible recognition and draws inspiration to conduct more people oriented programs to strengthen congress party.

The ‘Painting Competition on Congress History’ organised by Congress South Indian Forum was a unique attempt to infuse a sense about congress and its 125 year old incredible vibrant history. Congress South Indian Forum credits it as an attempt to create an atmosphere of brainstorming discussion on congress, its history, relevance among thousands of families in Delhi for one month from the starting day of registration for painting competition on the History of Congress. Even though the theme selection of the painting was the discretionary of the candidate, it was evident that the entire family chorus involved in the selection of the theme which brighten the possibility of winning with references to various books and pieces of information available on Indian National Congress. It helped the family members too to know more and closely about congress and its importance. This eventually helped to widen the support base of congress. The competition and exhibition which was venued at Sreenivaspuri in South Delhi on 30th January 2011, the martyrdom day of the Father of Nation, witnessed the emergence of a new breed of young congress supporters. Thousands of people witness the visualisations of imaginations in paper of rarest moments on Congress History by more than 3000 participants. The painting competition opened new vistas for a number of historical moments to lighten the feeling of participants and general public to respect and unfurl tricolour of congress for national integration and prosperity of the nation. Hordes of congress leaders witnessed the exhibition and congratulated Congress South Indian Forum for conducting an informative and motivating competition of high magnitude with mass participation. The people of Sreenivaspuri and surrounding areas were in a festive mood and celebrated the occasion immersing in the confluence of colours...! The entire area of Sreenivaspuri created the sensation of a grand congress conclave with its flying tricolour flags, posters, banners and hoardings...! Hundreds of enthusiastic Congress South Indian Forum volunteers campaigned and worked intensely for three months to make the event a memorable one. Congress South Indian Forum is planning to conduct a ‘Chain of Painting Competitions on the History of Congress’ in a hefty way in 2012 and 2013 with one million participants at different parts of Delhi.

Congress South Indian Forum is expecting support from congress leaders and well wishers to materialise the endeavours in future to strengthen Indian National Congress..... JAIHIND
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